Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Who's Me ?

I actually confuse sebenarnya nak tulis dalam bahasa apa and pasal apa . But apa-2 pun ketepikan benda tu dulu . Should i introduce myself ? hmmm , i think so . 

Well , what should i say . i'm going to face SPM and yes that's the biggest exam that's going to decide my future .Yeah its hell scary . I don't think i've prepared enough to face this . Anyway ,i should try my best right ? Go to tuition is the best way . Thats what others say . Anyway , forget about the whole damn thing for a moment . 

Now , i was thinking about writing a novel . I  dah lama nak buat tapi tak cukup masa . i sekarang tengah otw tengah buat and i ingat nak post dekat blog . Hopefully ,y'guys will give a full support to me . Baca ya jangan tak baca ~ ~

 Okay lah , that's all for today . Bye ~
XOXO . Sachie !

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